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Our Trip To Alaba International Market

Our Trip To Alaba International Market

It has been hustle and bustle since the start of the year. It’s April (already!) Who knows that statement about time flying when you’re having fun? I think it’s true. Before we know it, we’ll be halfway through 2018.

Before I digress into issues of time management, we stormed Alaba International Market for a number of weeks! No, put it like this – “We took Alaba International by storm! They never expected it!”

After launching the SME Kit, we went to that big market, walking on those busy roads in hot Lagos sun, wearing our SME tees and MBH caps, sweating from head to tired feet, and preaching the digital gospel of online businesses to those who yearned to know the truth! And might I add that we had quite a number of converts!

That’s something worth boasting about –Because of us, people have more understanding about why they need to put their businesses online! And for good measure, we’re helping them do it!

We had fun at Alaba, we really did. There’s nothing more exciting than a successful business trip.

Can’t wait to see the next place we’re headed!

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