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The Link Between Fashion and Technology

The Link Between Fashion and Technology

The fashion industry has gradually transitioned into being digital-centric. Most retailers finally sailed through the first stage in e-commerce retailing by setting up visually appealing online versions of stores, integrating payment gateways and offering efficient delivery logistics.

Technology has impacted the fashion industry by providing it with so many good opportunities like increasing a company’s brand awareness. It also makes for important interaction between seller and target group so as to know what the customer thinks of their brand and their needs and wants.

Technology provides reports on consumer habits, street trends and social-media behavior in real-time to forecast trends at a quicker pace. It also speeds up the design pace through digital libraries that store style templates, product specifications, color palettes and patterns.

With tools like these readily available, garments could be altered accordingly, by coordinating with the trends of the day. This, in turn, allows for accuracy and improved speed in the design and production process. Fast fashion allows middle-class consumers to purchase looks strikingly similar to those of high fashion.

With stores around the globe, the masses are able to wear a garment similar to what a celebrity wore the day before. Everyone’s happy they get to be a celebrity in their own little way.

Quick turnarounds are another result of technology. Collections are viewed by customers sooner than before. Also, to meet the demands of many consumers seeking instant fashion gratification, many designers sync their collections to online stores to be purchased immediately.

The internet provides low-cost global exposure for emerging and established labels, consumers are able to purchase labels they would otherwise never have known about without the help of the internet.

Lastly, social media platforms play a great role in fashion. They allow brands converse directly with customers through the use of feedback to influence the design process. Retailers also listen to customers when deciding what to buy for their stores. It would be a huge error to buy a bunch of stuff nobody wants or is interested in.

Therefore technology is allowing customers dictate trends and create a mutually beneficial relationship with brands with the use of social media.

It’s a win-win for Fashion and Technology in this case!

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